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Financial Readiness Test

Answer these questions to find out how well you manage your money and if you're ready to start investing.


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Liquid Asset

This refers to an asset that can easily be converted to cash without losing value.


Asset Allocation

This strategy involves picking the right assets to make up your portfolio.

Money Myths

“The more cash in your portfolio, the better.”

Cash is useful but holding it isn’t the most efficient way to use it all.

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Discover the different aspects of money and investing

How To's

Investing for a medium-term goal

These tips may increase your chances of having a fruitful investment experience.

How To's

3 ways to invest in stocks

These are your options if you’re thinking of putting money in the stock market.

How To's

Zero-based budgeting

This method is tough but can help you maximize how you use your money.

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