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Key Information and Investment Disclosure Statement (KIIDS)


How finance folk use it

A Key Information and Investment Disclosure Statement, usually shortened to KIIDS, is a document that gives important facts about a Unit Investment Trust Fund (UITF).

It has information about the fund’s type, the assets that it holds, and its NAVPU, benchmark, performance, and suitability for certain risk profiles, among others.


Is it good or bad?

A fund’s KIIDS is definitely a must-read when you’re thinking of investing in a UITF. It tells you what the fund was meant to achieve, what it has been doing to get there and how it has been performing over time.

The information that you’ll find in the KIIDS can help you understand the fund better so you can decide whether it would be a good addition to your portfolio (or if you should consider a different fund instead).


What it means for you

The KIIDS gives would-be investors a single document that contains all the things they need to know about the fund. It’s made to be easily understood even by investing newbies, while still presenting the information that an experienced investor would like to see.

The KIIDS is required to be available at least every quarter, although it is usually updated monthly. It is essential reading before making the decision whether to add the fund to your portfolio.

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