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Minimum Initial Investment


What it is

The minimum initial investment is the smallest amount of money that you can put into an investment product when you start.


If you want to, you can put in more than this amount. For example, if the minimum initial investment is P10,000, you can also start with P11,000, P25,000, P100,000 or any other amount over the minimum.


The minimum initial investment is sometimes confused with the minimum additional investment. The latter is the smallest amount of money that you can add to an investment that you already have, and is usually smaller than the minimum initial investment.


What it means for you

It can be a bit of a struggle to figure out how much to start investing in a product with, and the minimum initial investment makes it a little easier by letting you know the smallest amount that is allowed.


Remember that consistently adding to your investment allows you to achieve peso-cost averaging, which can give you better results in the end than only putting money in once or twice.

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