Frequently Asked Questions

as of May 15, 2021

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Using the Earnest app

1. What is Earnest?

Earnest is a financial education and investing platform. It makes it easy for you to learn money basics and to start growing your funds, whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you. 

2. How do I create an account?

  • You can sign up on this website or on the Earnest app. All you need to provide is a valid email address.
  • You can use an account created on the website to log into the app and vice versa.
  • On the website, you can read through articles without creating an account. However, if you'd like to learn through the lesson cards, you'll need to create an account so that we can save your progress. To use the app, though, you need to create an account.

3. Where can I download the Earnest app?

The earnest app is available on the Google Play Store for Android users and the Apple App Store for iOS. Just search for "Earnest Investing."

4. I forgot my password. How do I retrieve my Earnest account?

  • In the sign-in page, go to “Options” and tap the “forgot password” button.
  • Enter your email address to receive the link to change your password.
  • Once you’ve changed your password, just log in to Earnest again

5. How do I grow my money with Earnest?

The Earnest app allows you to place your money in investment products. Depending on how these products perform, the value of your investment may increase or decrease. Your earnings are realized when you redeem your investment at a value higher that what you initially invested.

6. What kind of investments can I get with earnest?

Earnest currently offers a curated list Metrobank Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITFs). Funds are recommended to you according to the result of your risk assessment.

Earnest currently offers the following UITFs:

  • Metro Aspire Balanced Feeder Fund
  • Metro Aspire Bond Feeder Fund
  • Metro Aspire Equity Feeder Fund
  • Metro Balanced Fund
  • Metro Equity Fund
  • Metro Max-3 Bond Fund
  • Metro Max-5 Bond Fund
  • Metro Money Market Fund
  • Metro Philippine Equity Index Tracker Fund
  • Metro Short Term Fund

You can get more information about these specific funds here

7. How do I invest my money?

  • You will need to download the Earnest app and create an account. The app will guide you on the next steps.
  • To invest, you will need to link a Metrobank account as your settlement account. This account will be the source of your investment funds and your earnings will be deposited there.
  • Right now, joint accounts do not work on Earnest, but we’re trying to make this possible!
  • The Earnest app will help you choose your investment and transfer your funds (like online shopping for investments).

8. What kind of Metrobank account can I link?

Only individual savings & checking accounts can be linked to Earnest. Other accounts, like joint, In-Trust-For (ITF), and dollar accounts are currently not supported.

9. I'm unable to receive the OTP when I link my Metrobank account. What should I do? 

The OTP is sent to the mobile number associated to your Metrobank account. Please make sure that your contact information is updated. If you need to make changes to your account, you can get in touch with your branch of account to update your contact information, or you can also do this here

10. Do I have to pay a fee every time I invest or withdraw?

The bank charges a minimal amount, called a trust fee, for investing in and withdrawing from certain UITFs. The amount varies per product, and can be found in the respective product's Fund Fact Sheet. 

11. What does it mean when my investments are “processing”?

Whenever you make an investment, the fund manager has to place your order. This typically takes 1-2 banking days, and depends on if the transaction was made before or after the cut-off time.

12. How do I redeem my money?

You will see a summary of all your active investments in your Portfolio on the app. Select the investment you want to redeem and the app will guide you through the redemption process.

13. Can I cancel my investments?

  • Once an investment has been made, you can’t cancel it while it’s processing. You can redeem your investment afterwards.
  • An early redemption charge may apply, depending on the time period between making the investment and cancelling it.

14. What happens when I unlink my bank account?

Your investments will still exist, but you will no longer be able to view, redeem, or add money to them on earnest. You can still them through other channels, including Metrobank Online. 

You won't be able to subscribe to any new investments if you don't have a linked Metrobank account. 

15. Is the Earnest app available for all smartphones?

The Earnest app is available for Android and iOS smartphones. 

16. I have an existing UITF investment with Metrobank. Can I do anything with it on Earnest?

If you have an existing UITF investment with Metrobank, you can still use the app to view, top-up, and redeem your investment.

To do this, just link the Metrobank account you used as a settlement account to the app. If the product you invested in isn't available on Earnest, you won't be able to top up or redeem it through the app. However, you will still be able to view its performance.

17. What else can I do with the Earnest app?

Aside from investing in UITFs, you can learn investing basics and more through short but comprehensive lessons that let you track your progress.

 18. How do I get help with Earnest?

  • You can get help by sending an email to
  • Provide the email address you used to create your Earnest account.
  • It would be best if you can provide screenshots of the problem encountered so we can help you better.


Opening a Digital Account on Earnest


ANNOUNCEMENT: We'll be updating our account creation system, so we'll accept new applications for an Earnest Digital Account and submission of pending requirements for earlier applications only until October 7, 2021, 12 noon.


1. What is an Earnest Digital Account? 

  • It is a new type of Metrobank deposit account that you can open online and exclusively available on Earnest that you can use for investing. Aside from this, it has the same services as a regular deposit account, such as use of ATMs (with a card that you can claim at any branch), cash acceptance machines, online banking, and bank-to-bank transfers. 
  • With this account, you can earn up to 1.0625% interest on your deposits per year. (Interest rates may change You will be advised at least 30 days before any change). 
  • You are allowed up to 2 free over-the-counter transactions per month at a maximum of P500,000 per transaction. (You may be charged for each transaction beyond the second transaction).
  • Deposit rates are subject to change, and depositors will be notified at least 30 days prior to this change. 

2. How can I open an Earnest Digital Account?

  • You can open this account through the Earnest app. The link to the application is in the "My Accounts" section in the app.
  • All you need is an accepted valid Philippine government-issued ID, your smartphone, and a pen and paper for sample signatures. 
  • Once you have these ready, just follow the on-screen instructions and provide the information required. 

3. What phones can I use to open a digital account on Earnest?

  • You can use any Android phone or iPhone that fulfills these requirements:
    • Android: Minimum of Android 7.0 (Nougat)
    • iOS: Minimum of iOS 12
  • Country restriction in Google Play Store and Apple App Store: Philippines
  • If your phone isn't compatible with the requirements of account creation, the application option will not be seen. The Earnest team is working on making the application compatible with more phones in the future.
  • We've received reports that some users of Pocophone, Xiaomi, and Oppo phones may have difficulties with capture ID and selfie flow for account opening.

4. What are the accepted IDs for online account opening? 

  • Postal ID card
  • SSS ID
  • PRC ID
  • Driver's license
  • UMID
  • Voter's ID
  • Passport

5. How long will it take to open an account?

It will take a maximum of 2 banking days. 

6. How will I be able to transact using my Earnest Digital Account? 

  • You can use your Earnest Digital Account as your settlement account when you invest in Earnest. 
  • You can transact online by linking your Earnest Digital Account to Metrobank Online.
  • You can transact at any ATM with your optional card, at Metrobank cash acceptance machines (CAM), and at any Metrobank branch. 
  • Find the nearest branch, ATM, or CAM here.  

7. How do I follow up with my new account? 

You can follow up your application by contacting

8. I can't find the digital account in the Earnest app. 

  • You can apply for the digital account under "My Accounts" in the Earnest menu.  
  • If your phone is not compatible with the hardware requirements needed to complete account creation, this option will not be available. Don't worry! We are working on making our account creation feature compatible with more phones. 

9. How is the interest of the Earnest Digital Account determined?

The current interest rate is determined by your Average Daily Balance (ADB) for each quarter.

Deposit Amount Interest Rate (per annum)
Below P10,000.00 0.000% p.a.
P10,000.00 - P24,999.99 1.000% p.a.
P25,000.00 - P1 million 1.0625% p.a.
Over P1 million 0.0625% p.a.

*Deposits up to P1 million will earn 1.0625% interest. The amount in excess of P1 million will earn 0.0625% interest.

*Interest rates may change. You will be advised of any changes at least 30 days prior.

The interest rate is split evenly across the 4 annual quarters, which is when the interest is paid. 

10. When will the interest be credited to my account?  

Metrobank credits interest to qualified customers at the end of the last day of the quarter. If this falls on a non-banking day, it will be credited the next banking day. 

11. Until when can I apply for an Earnest Digital Account? 

We'll be updating our online account creation system, so we'll accept new applications and submission of pending requirements for earlier applications only until October 7, 2021 at 12 noon. 

12. I have a pending application. Do I need to do anything? 

You need to complete all requirements for your Earnest Digital Account application, including any resubmissions, by October 7, 2021 at 12 noon. We won't be able to process any applications after that date. 

13. I already have an Earnest Digital Account. Can I still use it after October 7, 2021?

Yes! You can keep using your Earnest Digital Account for investing through the Earnest app and for your other needs through other Metrobank channels.