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Digest for August 31, 2021

POSTED ON AUGUST 31, 2021    

What happened last week:

Yields of Philippine bonds went up as investor demand was less than expected. Overall, this contributed to the lower performance of the peso bond funds and balanced funds.

The Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PSEi) closed at 6,633, higher than the previous week by 4.95%. If you have an equity or balanced fund, you probably saw growth.


What you can do:

The best move right now for bond fund investors is to hold on and allow the manager to keep growing the fund’s value.

If your money is in an equity or balanced fund, keep an eye on the market to understand how changes can affect your investment. This isn’t the right time to take your money out.

Please keep in mind that it takes time to build wealth, so the longer you stay invested, the more you can maximize your potential for making a profit.

If you’re waiting for a good opportunity to invest, the Metro Money Market Fund can be a good place to earn a little profit while you search.


Remember: There are always risks when you invest. There is no guaranty on your money or profit from any investment, but it could be essential for you to reach your goal.

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