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Digest for June 9, 2021

POSTED ON JUNE 09, 2021    

What happened last week:

Local government bond interest rates went up as investors and institutions reacted to the country’s still-elevated May inflation data. If you have bonds or funds with a lot of bonds, you might see a drop in your investment.

The Philippine Stock Exchange Index or PSEi, which represents the general health of the local stock market, closed at 6,696. This was a 1.8% increase, and the second straight week that it rose.


What you can do: 

Bond and equity fund investors should hang on and wait for better economic and market situations. These funds are still likely to keep their value intact now and give better returns in the future.

If you have short-term investing needs right now, you can consider the Metro Money Market Fund and the Metro Short Term Fund as options. These funds offer higher earning potential than a regular savings account, while also letting you quickly redeem your money if you need it.*


Remember: There are always risks when you invest. There is no guaranty on your money or profit from any investment.


*End of day for Metro Money Market Fund and Metro Short Term Fund

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