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Digest for May 18, 2021

POSTED ON MAY 18, 2021    

What happened last week:

The NCR Plus area shifted to General Community Quarantine with heightened restrictions. This opens up opportunities as people return to offices and have increased dining and tourism options.

Together with the rest of the world, the Philippines continues to experience a higher-than-average increase in prices of goods (see: inflation). The BSP targets that inflation rate be contained between 2-4%, but our latest published inflation rate was at 4.5%.


What you can do:

If your portfolio has bonds or equities, holding on to them may be a better choice than cashing out. They have the potential to weather the current state of the market and give better returns in the future.

If you want to invest, the Metro Money Market Fund can help you grow your money while you wait for bonds and equities with good longer-term potential for returns.

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