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"There's a best time to invest."

POSTED ON October 03, 2019

The myth

Some people say that, if you follow the money market closely, you can tell when prices of stocks and bonds are about to rise. If you invest in them before that happens, you stand to gain much value when their prices soon increase.

Why people believe it

There are many alleged "experts" who claim that you can predict when the price of stocks, bonds and other assets will rise, mostly by studying the movement of the financial market and business news. Some also reference a cycle in these prices, making it seem even easier to determine when to start investing.

Is it true?

No. While a general upward trend can be noticed when the market is already rising, there is no real way to predict before it happens.

Instead of waiting for the “right time” to invest, you should instead be focused on getting ready for making that investment by doing the basics. Get your emergency fund together, find out your goals and risk profile, and research about the different investment types that are available.

Remember: With investing, the sooner you start, the better!

Verdict: False